Reserving a Room

Room rental fees are based on the amount of space needed and the hours of the event. Please note the following:
  • Reservations are taken on a first come, first serve basis and require a signed agreement and a deposit to place the reservation.
  • Government agencies may submit a purchase order for the amount in full in place of a deposit.
  • Room rentals are billed from arrival to departure, including time for delivery of supplies, user set-up and cleaning.

Included in Room Rental

  • One staff member present for the entirety of the event to answer any questions or provide assistance, as needed.
  • Full set up and tear down of all tables, chairs and technology. You are only responsible for removing the items you brought and putting any waste in the appropriate receptacles.
  • Round tables, rectangular tables, chairs and limited table skirting set up in the layout of your choice.
  • One LCD projector and screen or large screen monitor, depending on the room(s) selected.  A laptop computer (PC or Mac) for running presentation is available upon request.
  • House sound for presentation/video and a variety of microphone choices, handheld, gooseneck, lavaliere, if needed.
  • Built in whiteboards are included in Satsop Boardroom, Pacific, Grays Harbor, Thurston, Mason, Lewis, Skokomish rooms.
  • Use of our self-service coffee bar with regular, decaf, hot water, sugar, creamer and cups.

Rental Fees per Hour

Satsop Board Room$30
Grays Harbor$48
Chehalis A$48
Chehalis B$48
Pacific & Grays Harbor$95
Lewis & Mason$95
Chehalis A & B$95
Pacific, Grays Harbor & Thurston$175
Mason, Lewis & Thurston$175
Capital Region Ballroom$265

Room Rental Additional Space, Services and Equipment

 The following amenities need to be arranged at the time of booking and are available on a first come, first serve basis. Our business hours are Monday- Friday, 8:00am–4:30pm.
Warming Kitchen$25/hr with a 2-hour minimum
Picnic Area (available only with room rental)$50/hr with a 2-hour minimum
After-Hours Staff Time$40/hr M-F: 2 hour minimum Sat-Sun: 4 hour minimum
After-Hours Tech Support Time$40/hr M-F: 2 hour minimum Sat-Sun: 4 hour minimum
Webinar - Videoconference$50/HR with a 2 hour minimum; (additional microphone charges may be added; please see your Event Center contact for recording pricing)
Copies (per impression)$0.25/bw; $0.50/color
Event Stage, up to 16' w x 8' d$350
Dance Floor, up to 28' x 32'$800
Panel Microphones$500
Installed Projectors/Screens/MonitorsIncluded by request
Lectern and/or Microphone (1)Included by request
Power CordsIncluded by request
Document CameraIncluded by request
Phone/SpeakerphoneIncluded by request
Laptop for use with projectors (1)Included by request